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Experts in Rail Vehicle Engineering

Smart Rail Services provides clients with expertise covering a wide range of vehicle types, including:

  • Diesel and Electric Locomotives
  • Diesel and Electric Multiple Units
  • Coaching Stock and Driving Van Trailers
  • Wagons and 'Yellow Machines'
  • Heritage Locomotives including Steam

This expertise covers all principle aspects of rail vehicle engineering, with particular focus on the following areas.

Vehicle Modifications

Modifications are a routine part of the development and enhancement of rolling stock. Smart Rail Services has developed a 'fast-track' process to streamline the modification process, from the evaluation of requirements, through design development, design approval and engineering acceptance, to implementation and ongoing maintenance. The development of modifications combines a wide range of skills, including:

  • Rigorous evaluation of critical requirements
  • Thorough understanding of Mandatory Standards
  • Fundamental knowledge of engineering and manufacturing technologies
  • Expertise in 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Experience in technical authoring and documentation
  • Detailed understanding of the requirements for and management of Approvals processes

Using these, Smart Rail Services offers clients efficient, timely and cost effective modifications that meet the exacting requirements of the rail industry.

Vehicle Maintenance and Overhaul

Effective maintenance is critical to the operational reliability and safety of all rail vehicles. Smart Rail Services has extensive experience of maintenance techniques, together with a fundamental understanding of rail vehicles, their components, systems and safety critical equipment. This is underpinned by a detailed working knowledge of workshop practices, maintenance techniques, manpower planning and health and safety requirements.

Vehicle overhauls are often extensive programmes which incorporate both the repair and replacement of major components, and implementation of modifications and system upgrades. As a result overhaul programmes are complex, with multiple organisations working to achieve their own particular work packages within tight timescales, requiring detailed planning and rigorous management.

Smart Rail Services provides a range of services to support vehicle maintenance and overhaul activities, including:

  • Development of maintenance procedures
  • Revision and updating of maintenance/overhaul documentation and technical authoring
  • Maintenance optimisation and mileage extension
  • Exam balancing and maintenance scheduling
  • Management of the transition between maintenance plans and definition of conversion exams
  • Programme management
  • Resident Engineer/Client's Engineer services

Rail Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections are largely a routine event, however there are times when the routine is not sufficient and this is where Smart Rail Services excels. When vehicles have been modified, overhauled, repaired or subject to other major changes a keen and critical eye is required. Based on a thorough understanding and practical knowledge of rail vehicles, engineering and safety principles, Smart Rail Services takes a critical, robust and unbiased approach to vehicle inspections. This rigorous approach ensures that safety is never compromised and the best interests of vehicle owners are protected. It also guarantees that any deficiencies are identified, effectively communicated, rectified and closed-out.

For more details on any of the services provided by Smart Rail Services, please Contact Us.