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Smart Rail Services Provides Exceptional Professional Engineering Support

By its nature, the rail industry has a strong engineering bias requiring engineering expertise at all levels and for certain roles a Chartered Engineer is required. Within Rail and other Engineering led organisations, there are a number of critical roles that can only effectively be undertaken by Senior Engineers with a combination of extensive experience, detailed engineering knowledge and robust management skills. Within Smart Rail Services, these requirements are combined with other key skills, such as detailed knowledge of the application and compliance with mandatory standards, to offer a range of support services for roles including:

  • Fleet Engineering
  • Fleet Management
  • Professional Head of Engineering
  • Professional Head of Traction and Rolling Stock
  • Competent Person, as defined in ROGS

Support in these areas is provided to suit a particular clients requirements. For instance Smart Rail Services could provide short/medium term support to cover for staff illness or whilst a full time employee is being recruited. In other instances, where the organisation could not justify a full time employee in such a position, Smart Rail Services can provide long-term support on a part time basis. In addition, Smart Rail employs staff who meet the criteria for 'Competent Persons' in accordance with the requirements defined in the 'Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety)' (ROGS) Regulations and have previously been accredited by a number of Train Operator's Safety Management Systems for undertaking and authorising Engineering Acceptance.

Engineering Design

Effective Engineering Design requires significantly more than a knowledge of drawing and draughting practise. Smart Rail Services prides itself on providing exceptional design services covering a wide range of engineering disciplines. Using a range of professional engineeering skills, together with significant expertise, Smart Rail Services provides a range of Engineering Design Services, including:

  • Fully managed modification, component and system design
  • 2D CAD draughting conforming to rail and other industry standards
  • 3D CAD draughting of completed assemblies, sectioned or exploded diagrams for maintenance and other documentation
  • 3D CAD modelling, including the production of 'photo realistic' graphics for evaluation of aesthetics
  • Production of physical representations using Rapid-Prototyping
  • Production of electronic data for direct importation to a number of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining packages
  • Electronic drawing 'translation', allowing conversion between a wide range of 'traditonal' CAD formats into more accessible drawing formats or even PDF files


For more details on any of the services provided by Smart Rail Services, further information can be found by following the links above.

Chartered Engineer

The requirements for and roles of Chartered Engineers vary significantly across the rail and other engineering led industries. However, professional and Chartered Engineers contribute significant value to all organisations where they are involved. Chartered Engineers can provide guidance on the lastest developments or engineering innovations, support senior managers to understand the engineering requirements of their businesses or support and mentor more junior engineers. However they are involved, Chartered Engineers provide businessses with a vital advantage.

However desireable it may be to employ a Chartered Engineer, it is not always feasible for small or medium sized organisations to employ one full time. To this end, Smart Rail Services offers Chartered Engineers to provide a range of bespoke engineering support services that meet the client's specific requirements.

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